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Products & Services

What We Do

Oregon has such fascinating pioneer history, boundless natural resources, and a lifestyle unique from any other place in the world. We love our home immensely! So when we founded our company, we knew exactly what we wanted to do: to provide great products and services that showcase the very best of Oregon Country for the rest of the world.

Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms

The temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest are one of the world's most diverse natural environments for edible fungus; aka the mushroom. But we aren't talking about those manure grown toadstools you get at the grocery store. From our brand new building dubbed "The Shroomery" we produce a variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, including: Shitake, Miatake, Oyster, King Straforia, Morel, Enoki, Lion's Mane, and Reishi, to name a few.

Forest Products

We collect, clean, sort, dry, and distribute a number of natural forest products for use in arts, crafts, textiles, natural dyes, and endless other cottage industries. These include both dried and living mosses, ferns, acorns, seasonal mistletoe, pine cones, driftwood, natural canes, specialty seasoned and skinned madrone and manzanita limbs, unique burls, "Old-Man-of-the-Woods" knots, agates and other regional semi-gemstones, to name a few! If it can be legally, ethically, and sustainably harvested from the forests, mountains, or coastal regions of Oregon, we're likely to carry it.

Signal Crayfish

The Signal crayfish, found in the freshwater lakes, streams, and rivers of Oregon and Washington, are a little known seasonal delicacy. Unlike their smaller, less flavorful cousins commercially farmed in Louisiana, the Signal crayfish grow up to 6" long, and have a richer flavor much preferred by Pacific Northwest chefs. Wild populations are only lightly fished commercially, leaving even many locals unaware of their gourmet superiority. But that is soon to change!

Other services

We offer great services to our clients

Homestead Residential Program

Many landowners find they simply cannot keep up with the amount of labor rural living requires. With our Homestead Residential program, MyOregon helps to fill that gap and support our rural senior citizens and neighbors. Whether you need help digging a ditch, clearing brush and other fire hazards, or organizing a photo collection, it doesn't matter - we're here to be that extra pair of hands, eyes, and ears when you need them. Call as projects arise, or better yet, take advantage of our HRP subscription services, and receive a guaranteed number of hours in pre-paid, on-property assistance each and every month!

Farm and Ranch Technical Consulting

Rural land owners and businesses frequently face difficulties taking advantage of modern technologies. With over 25 years of professional technology experience, MyOregon brings a unique skillset straight to your property to ensure you're getting the best solutions from your technology investments. While our company is new, our first Ag consulting client was a 900 acre corn and soy farm in Illinois in 1998!