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About Us

Our journey is just beginning. In 2016, after almost 30 years in the information technology field, I left my job, cashed out the retirement fund, and Theresa and I have started the family down a whole new path; one of cleaner, more socially responsible living, self-determination, and employment. Above all, we want to help positively improve our community, and our Oregon.

It’s hard to describe exactly how very much in love we are with this amazing wonderland we’ve been blessed to live in!

We envision MyOregon as a family-business platform for any revenue stream that will let us showcase the beauty, history, natural abundance, and the pioneering human spirit that Oregonians still possess in our lifestyles and attitudes.

After years of planning, research, trial runs, and getting sidetracked by so many potential ways to achieve our goals, we officially founded MyOregon, LLC in May, 2017. As of this writing, we’ve joined my parents on their small farm near Rogue River, in the unincorporated community of Wimer, OR. Together, we’ve started working with the neighbors, the county, and contractors to build “The Shroomery”, our 2000 sqft indoor gourmet mushroom facility. We anticipate our first commercial crop runs should start reaching production quantities around July, 2018 (knock on wood!)

In these early stages, web and social media don’t play a large importance to all the tasks we need to tackle. Eventually, we’d like to begin posting videos and more details of our experience as we launch into our new venture (or jump off a cliff, as some people might think us quite mad!) Please check back frequently, follow us on social media (there are icon links to all our social media accounts at the top and bottom of every page), and share your thoughts and ideas with us.

While mushrooms are where we’re starting, we have much more planned, but we’ll keep some those ideas for later reveals!

We’d love to share our progress, our set-backs, the invariable mistakes, and the overall experience with you.

Oh yes, and eat more mushrooms, please!

Veteran Owned Business

Our Team

We are a veteran-owned, family company, based in beautiful and historic Rogue River, OR.

Theresa Glenn-FordOwner / Manager

A.W. FordOwner / General Manager